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  Post Procedure Instructions for Patients

Please Call us at (505)248-1518

  • If fever, redness, swelling, bleeding, or drainage develop; if you have a pain that the pain medicine does not control
  • If you believe the problem requires emergency action and you cannot reach our physician or nurse practitioner, or your primary care doctor, please call or go to the emergency room.

Wound and Drain Care

Percutaneous biopsies - no specific care of the wound. Keep Band-Aid on and reapply as needed until the small opening in the skin closes. May use antibiotic ointment for no more than three days.

Open biopsies- an ice pack placed over the area may help to decrease swelling and discomfort

  • Keep the gauze bandage on for one or two days and then remove. If there is a clear plastic bandage (Tegaderm/Opsite) directly over the incision, keep it on until seen by the physician even if there is some blood underneath it. You may shower and let water run over the clear bandage. Pat it dry but don’t rub it as it may become dislodged.

Surgical Procedures for breast cancer- See